MSc. Carlos Patricio Guerra Torres

Pozice: PhD student
Oddělení: Oddělení toků látek a energie
ÚVGZ AV ČR, v. v. i.
Bělidla 4a
603 00


Odborné zaměření

  • Forest Ecology description due to the climatic changes based on measures of greenhouse gasses and meteorological conditions.

  • Proposal for research the Peltogyne and Ochoterenaea genera in Panama, through systematic, phylogenetic and molecular markers tools, to improve the knowledge, conservation and sustainable use.  Genetic sequence has been started using molecular marker.

  • Interested in knowing and documented the use of natural resources by the rural communities in Panama.

  • Pharmaceutical Bioprospection and Biomedical plant research on Panamanian species


  • Since 2013 Ph.D. Studies on Forest Ecology, Mendel University, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology.

  • 2005-13 M.Sc. Biological Sciences oriented to Botany. University of Panama.

  • 2011. Virtual Post Degree in Superior Teaching, University of Panama (UP).

  • 2004. Post Degree in Superior Teaching, University of Panama.

  • 2004. Post Degree in Conservation and managing Cycads in Panama.  Botany Dept. UP.

  • 2002-3   Specialization Post Degree in Managing and Administration of Environmental and Natural Resources. University of Panama.

  • 1999. Special Post Degree course in Ecology and Fungus Systematic. Botany Dept. UP.

  • 1998. B.Sc. in Biology with specialization in Botany. UP. Honor Thesis: Systematic study of the angiosperms from Naos, Pericos, Flamenco and Culebra islands, province of Panama.

Profesní kariéra

  • March 2006 – actually. Assistant Professor IV-D, Department of Botany, University of Panama – Main Campus.

  • January 2008 – 2015. President, Biology College of Panama (COBIOPA), Gremial Non-Governmental Organization.

  • March 2003 – 2006. Teaching Professor Botany, Biology and Ecology, University of Panama – Darién Campus.

  • 2006  Ad – honorem Teaching Professor  

  • March 1995 – Actually. Research Assistant in Botany Specialization

  • Pharmacological Research Center on Panamanian Flora (CIFLORPAN),

  • Pharmacy School, University of Panama.

  • March 2002 – February 2003. Executive Assistant from Central Unit of Project Mesoamerican Biological Corridor from the Panamanian Atlantic (CBMAP) & B Component of Rural Poverty & Natural Resources (PPRRN) –National Authority of Environment – Global Environment Fund (GEF) – International Bank of Reconstruction and Foment – World Bank.

  • July 2003 – December 2006  Editorial Assistant.  Book: Iberoamerican Medicinal Plants.  Secretariat from Andrés Bello Convention & Iberoamerican Program  of Science & Technology for Development CYTED Subprogram X Fine Pharmaceutical Chemistry.


  • Fellowship of International Rotary Foundation to participate in Group Study Exchange (GSE).  2006.  36 days in Virginia and Washington D.C., United States of America.

  • Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute fellowship and University of Panama. Field Biology Course.  1995.

  • High School fellowship.  Panamanian Government IFARHU.  1982-84.

Významné výzkumné pobyty a stipendia

  • First time Collector and Identifier of Several botanical species in Panama.

  • Internship to Dr. Martin F. Wojciechowski, Laboratory in Evolution, Genomic and Bioinformatics of Life Science School, Arizona State University (ASU) at Tempe, Arizona. Panamanian National Association for the Advance of Sciences (APANAC), Science, Technology and Innovation Panamanian National Secretariat (SENACYT), 2009. To learn using molecular marker in Systematic.


  • President of National College of Biologist 2008 – 2015.

  • National Administrative Secretariat of the Panamanian Counsel in Biological Sciences 2010-5.

  • Since 2007 member of The International Association for Plant Taxonomist (IAPT).

  • Since 2003 member staff from the teaching area in Botany – Biology of the University of Panama.

  • Since 1995 member of the Research personal from Pharmacognostic Research Center on Panamanian Flora CIFLORPAN, School of Pharmacy, University of Panama.