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CzechGlobe 2020 – Development of the Centre of Global Climate Change Impacts Studies

Provider: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Recipient: Global Change Research Institute CAS

Project duration: January 2015 - December 2019

Annotation of project:

The subject matter of the project is financing of science and development for ensuring effective sustainability and development of CzechGlobe – Centre for Global Climate Change Impacts Studies, which was formed within the scope of the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation in 2010-2014. The main goal of the project is scientific and research activity and continuous development of the research infrastructure of CzechGlobe for the purpose of enforcement of competitiveness of the Czech research of the global change impacts in these areas:

- Support and implementation of the research in the area of the global climate change impacts, ecosystems and human society, development of the corresponding adaptation and innovation procedures.

- Development of the research infrastructure of CzechGlobe in connection with the global change research requirements, creation of conditions for the human resources development with emphasis on strengthening of upbringing, education and mobility of students and researchers.

- Intensification of the long-term international cooperation, mainly through active participation in the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) and other international projects.

- Intensive cooperation with the public and private sector with the aim to implement the results created in CzechGlobe, and thus to strengthen the social and economic development of the Czech Republic. 

Keywords: global change; climate change; green house gas; GHG fluxes; remote sensing; geochemical cycles; climate modelling; production; biodiversity; biofuels; bioenergy; aclimation and adaptation; climatology; ecology; plant ecological physiology; metabolomics
Detail of project in RVVI: RVVI


Provider: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Recipient: Global Change Research Institute CAS
Project duration: January 2016 - December 2022

Annotation of project:

The main goal of the research infrastructure (RI) CzeCOS is to enable open access to the entire scientific community, to provide research services to external users, and to facilitate knowledge transfer (training and education of students, PhD students, postdocs, researchers and other experts) in the field of long-term sophisticated research on global change (GC) impacts on terrestrial ecosystems in the Czech Republic (CZ) and Central Europe. Particular aims are

(1) to form a national complement to the existing ESFRI infrastructures ICOS, AnaEE, and EUFAR,

(2) to provide unique facilities for (i) long-term impact studies on effects of environmental factors on plants/ecosystems, (ii) operation of atmospheric and ecosystem stations for observational research and quantification of greenhouse gas fluxes, (iii) physiological research, (iv) metabolomic and isotope investigation and (v) flying laboratory of process imaging;

(3) to significantly contribute to the global network of GC research;

(4) to represent a unique platform for a broad national and international interdisciplinary collaboration.

RI comprises a unique set of facilities for the research of GC impacts on ecosystems, study of adaptation mechanisms and the development of mitigation measures. Expected innovations are prediction of future stability of different ecosystems, identification of potential risks and producing the adaptation measures, identification of crop cultivars with increased tolerance to stressors, preparation of vegetation indices and thematic maps applicable in landscape planning, etc. The aim of the RI is fully in compliance with the National priorities for oriented research, experimental development and innovations (R&D&I) determined as a certain and concrete object of the state and public interest, which combines a long-term goals and multi-field focus, is applicable in the whole society and desirable (a climatic change is specified explicitly as a priority area). 

Keywords: climate change and modelling; ecological physiology and metabolomics; green house gases; remote sensing.
Detail of project in RVVI: RVVI

Completion of the research infrastructure CzeCOS to increase international quality of research of the global change impacts on ecosystem processes

Provider: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Recipient: Global Change Research Institute CAS
Project duration: July 2016 - December 2019

Annotation of project:

The main objective of the project is the completion an experimental, analytical and observational research of the infrastructure CzeCOS of the most advanced instrumentation and software, which enables the study of key ecosystem processes influenced by global climate change. These processes will be studied at different hierarchical levels, which provide a detailed understanding of the mechanisms of feedback control between processes and the environment, more accurate estimate of the impacts of global climate change, and contribute to the design of the new adaptation measures.

Keywords: climate change impacts; climate change adaptations; global change; greenhouse gases; GHG and energy fluxes; remote sensing; ecosystem processes; sustainability; climate modelling; multifactorial manipulation experiments; ecosystem production; long-term experiments; biodiversity; acclimation and adaptation; extreme events; plant ecological physiology; environmental metabolomics; environmental drivers; atmospheric chemistry; biogeochemical cycles; soil organic matter; abiotic stress; biotic stress; water cycling; air pollution; drought; heat waves; temperature increase; elevated CO2; nutrient cycling; enhanced UV; radiation spectre; forestry; agriculture; ecosystems; photosysthesis; respiration; evapotranspiration
Web of the project:
Detail of project in RVVI: RVVI

Readiness of ICOS for Necessities of integrated Global Observations

Provider: EC - HORIZONT 2020
Another participant in the project: Global Change Research Institute CAS
Project duration: January 2017 - December 2020

Annotation of project:

The proposed project “Readiness of ICOS for Necessities of integrated Global Observations” (RINGO) aims to further development of ICOS RI and ICOS ERIC and foster its sustainability. The challenges are to further develop the readiness of ICOS RI along five principal objectives:

1. Scientific readiness. To support the further consolidation of the observational networks and enhance their quality. This objective is mainly science-guided and will increase the readiness of ICOS RI to be the European pillar in a global observation system on greenhouse gases.

2. Geographical readiness. To enhance ICOS membership and sustainability by supporting interested countries to build a national consortium, to promote ICOS towards the national stakeholders, to receive consultancy e.g. on possibilities to use EU structural fund to build the infrastructure for ICOS observations and also to receive training to improve the readiness of the scientists to work inside ICOS.

3. Technological readiness. To further develop and standardize technologies for greenhouse gas observations necessary to foster new knowledge demands and to account for and contribute to technological advances.

4. Data readiness. To improve data streams towards different user groups, adapting to the developing and dynamic (web) standards.

5. Political and administrative readiness. To deepen the global cooperation of observational infrastructures and with that the common societal impact. Impact is expected on the further development and sustainability of ICOS via scientific, technical and managerial progress and by deepening the integration into global observation and data integration systems.

Keywords: ESFRI, ERIC, Climate Change
Web of the project:

System for monitoring and forecast of impacts of agricultural drought

Provider: Ministry of Agriculture
Recipient: Global Change Research Institute CAS
Another participant in the project: Mendel University in Brno
Another participant in the project: Czech Hydrometeorological Institute
Another participant in the project: Josef Hlavinka
Project duration: April 2016 - December 2018

Annotation of project:

Using forecast of soil moisture, drought intensity and yield levels improve decision making in the agriculture sector and increasing economic and environmental efficiency. Through introduction of the early warning increase level and the stability of the agricultural production thus improving production efficiency and by increasing proportion of optimum agro-management decisions contribute to the long-term sustainability. Project aims to increase national food security, will increase competitiveness within EU and will help reducing negative impacts of the ongoing climate change.

Keywords: drought; yields; production stability; sustainability; forecast; weather risks; extreme events; yield forecast
Detail of project in RVVI: RVVI